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Production of Pears and Apples in Highlands

By Anibal
Production of Pears and Apples in Highlands

Are the trees of apples and pears normal in the cold climate of Chiriqui?

The cold climate of Chiriqui highlands is favorable for the growth of apple and pear trees, specifically from Paso Ancho to Cerro Punta, however the climate is not cold enough to make this product a large-scale production, although the trees are born, it is difficult for them to reach their mature stage to produce the fruit.

The apple and pear tree in the highlands looks more like a bush than a tree, however the size of the pears are quite juicy and similar to those sold in local supermarkets, the apples are smaller than the average apple in a Supermarket, but they are pretty sweet.

Although it is not usual to see fields of apples or pears, if it is usual to see in the gardens of some houses these bushes of pears and apples.