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Almojábanos in the Chirican style

By Anibal
Almojábanos in the Chirican style

Simple method of preparing a rich and crunchy almojabano

An almojábano is a "dip" of old corn dough with pressed cheese that is enjoyed with a cup of hot coffee either in the mornings or at night preferably, additional, if it is accompanied with a pork ribs makes its proven one unforgetable experience.

To prepare "almojábano" from scratch you just have to follow these instructions:

- Cook the hard corn (also called old corn) for one hour with a point of salt, or until it is spoken enough to be able to grind it.

- Then take the corn and grind it mixed to the pressed cheese (the amount of cheese is to taste). If you like you can grind the corn separately and then add the cheese later. Although some experts think that grinding together gives better consistency.

- Then mix the ground corn with the cheese (striped or ground) until there is a homogeneous mixture.

- Then take portions of the finished dough and make an "S" shape

- Put oil in a cooking bowl  and heat it preferably to 300º so that the almojabanos get crispy.

- After frying they are ready to taste them!