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Bienmesabe, typical dessert from Chiriqui

By Anibal
Bienmesabe, typical dessert from Chiriqui

A distinctly Panamanian dessert, native of the Chiriqui region, the "Bienmesabe"

As its name says "Bienmesabe" (Bien-me-sabe), it is a delicious dessert made with cane honey or "raspadura" (panela), cream of rice and milk.

In different parts of Panama they have their own version of bienmesabe, however in Chiriqui it is done in the following way:

- Add water to a "paila" (cooking pot) with the "razpadura" and heated

- Then when it is hot, milk is added (it can be evaporated milk or fresh milk).

- In another bowl mix the cream of rice with fresh cow’s milk, then pour into the paila or main pot

- Add salt and sugar to taste

- When all the mixture in the pot is boiling until the mixture thickens, you have to stir it constantly so that the consistency of the mixture is uniform.


- The slower you cook the mixture to thicken it is better, as it leaves a better consistency

- In other places of Panama they also call it "miel me sabe"

- When the mixture is ready, it is placed in a circular shape inside a pineapple leaf first and then wrapped in bijao or stem leaves

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