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Birth of the Highlands District in Chiriqui

By Jhon Kent
Birth of the Highlands District in Chiriqui

Laws officially creating the Tierras Altas district in the Province of Chiriquí, Panama

Initially the "Highlands" (of Chiriqui) was only a term to describe the topographic areas of greater height in the province of Chiriqui, such as the Community of Volcan, Cuesta de Piedra, Cordillera, Cerro Punta, Rio Sereno, and some other areas of Renacimiento and Bugaba.

However, with Law 55 of September 13, 2013, the district of "Tierras Altas" is geographically created as the fourteenth district of the province of Chiriquí, in the same law it is enacted effective on May 2, 2019 where its political organization will be established, however, through Law 22 of May 9, 2017, its entry into force will be effective on July 1, 2017, this law makes the Highlands district officially born, but without its political structure as mayor and representatives, which will be elected for the first time on May 2, 2019.

It should be noted that although the law of September 13, 2013 creates the district of Tierras Altas geographically, the same was the result of many years of work by honorable personalities of the community who dedicated time and resources for this project.

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