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Do you know if you are in the “Tierras Altas” or in the “tierras altas”?

By Marie Jen
Do you know if you are in the “Tierras Altas” or in the “tierras altas”?

Although it sounds similar Tierras Altas (Highlands) does not mean the same as tierras altas (highlands)

It will sound a bit confusing for some to say that "Tierras Altas" is not the same as “tierras altas“, however this is where good grammar comes to the rescue to explain its meaning.

While it is true that the meaning of both scriptures can sound the same, when writing a word with initial capital letters we are referring either to proper names of people, animal or singularized thing, name of cities or a commercial brand (among others).

In the case of "Tierras Altas" in Chiriqui, we refer to the district of "Tierras Altas", while when we write “tierras altas“ we will be referring to any place with a high enough elevation with respect to sea level to be considered highlands. It should be noted that in the Republic of Panama there are several places considered highlands, such as the highlands of Veraguas, the highlands of Coclé, Bocas del Toro and Darién.

It should also be added that it is a trend in marketing and even legal documents to capitalize the name of people (natural or legal) and / or brands, so in the case of our information website called TIERRAS ALTAS CHIRIQUI, we write it in capital letters to emphasize that we refer to the website and not the district or any topographic elevations, but the name of the website.

Writing and meaning:

"Tierras Altas": Written with an initial capital letter refers to the Highlands district

"tierras altas": Written with a lower case refers to any topographic elevation that is considered "high"

"TIERRAS ALTAS": Written with  upper cases tends to refer to a name of natural person, legal or brand.

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