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What to expect from the weather in the rainy season

By Anibal
What to expect from the weather in the rainy season

The Highlands Climate is quite changeable and unpredictable in the rainy season

Although the climate in the Highlands, specifically in Volcan, Paso Ancho and Cerro Punta is changing and unpredictable, as time goes we learn little by little what to expect with just to see the sun in the morning.

It is quite contradictory weather in rainy season, since it is not as cold as in the summer season. The months of December to February are more known for being cold, the months of June to November that are rainy are months with little breeze blows and the temperature is warmer when the sun rises.

A classic rainy season day is accompanied by a radiant sun in the morning and sometimes a cool breeze, in the area of ​​Paso Ancho and Cerro Punta the breeze is cooler than in the center of Volcan, and after noon you start to see how rain clouds form and for the afternoon  you can see a heavy rain.

When it does not rain during the afternoons , you can appreciate some "bajareques" or small "drizzles" that are not more than droplets of water so small that they are not considered as raindrops, but still they can wet you.