Rehabilitation Project of the internal streets of Volcán

By Anibal
Rehabilitation Project of the internal streets of Volcán

12,202 km of roads are being rebuilt in the community of Volcan

According to the official website of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), has initiated the project for the rehabilitation of the internal streets of Concepcion and Volcan for an amount of $10,827,914.00 in charge of the company ININCO, SA where they will rehabilitate approximately 21,884 km .

From the total amount of Kms of this project 12,202 km of streets will be rehabilitated in the community of Volcán and 9,682 km for the city of Concepción in Bugaba.

The streets that will be rehabilitated in Volcan according to the MOP are: First Street South, Third Street West (Barrio el Valle), Seventh Street North, Fourth Street North, West Ninth Street, East Tenth Street, East Fourth Street, East Third Street, Sixth Street North, Fifth Street North, Second Street West, Third Street West at the intersection of First Street North, North Ninth Street, Second Street North.

As of September 25th, 2018 the MOP reports an advance of 50.50% for this project that includes ditches and roadways, wider rolling surface to 6.50 meters, placement of pipe lines of 0.60 and 0.90 centimeters in diameter in the circumference radius for rain drains, among other adjustments.