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"Patronales" of Cerro Punta 2018

By Jacinto Cardenas

This November 11, 2018 the corregimiento of Cerro Punta celebrates its 65th anniversary

The corregimiento of Cerro Punta is located in the new district of Tierras Altas in the province of Chiriquí, the corregimiento was created under agreement number 33 of November 11, 1953, at that time the corregimiento was created as part of the district of Bugaba.

Each year the "Patronales" of Cerro Punta is celebrated with some famous cavalcades, music parades, band orchestras and exhibition of agricultural and livestock products that are produced in the area.

It is usual to find tourists and visitors for this date in search of the activities offered by the special date.

For this year on Saturday there will be a parade to show the best specimens raised in Cerro Punta and on Sunday there will be parades among other activities.