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The Volcan Lagoons

By Anibal
The Volcan Lagoons

A tourist attraction in Volcan, Highlands for those people who like nature

The Volcan Lagoons are located approximately 45 Kms from the City of David, in the Highlands District. This wetland is formed by three lagoons that are interconnected with each other underground, was decreed as wetlands and reserves on August 2, 1994, its surface reaches 143 km² at the height of 1355 meters above sea level.

You can go by car or walking, if you decide to go by car preferably in 4x4, although the sedans also go to the lagoons, but you would spoil it a bit and you would have to go slowly, by the stones and some places with mud that are in the path.

What to expect when arriving at the Volcan Lagoons?

When you get to the wetland that is the reserve itself, you will see 2 lagoons first, in the first you can go down a path to the edge of the main road, it is a descent of a few meters and there you can see lagoon number 1 which is the average size. There you can stop for a while to take pictures and observe the landscape.

Then you join the main road and continue to the end. There you can see the second lagoon that is the largest and later you will find the third lagoon that is much smaller.

How to get to the Volcan Lagoons?

You must first reach the community of Volcan in Chiriqui highlands. If you go by car then take the main road (Via Rio Sereno) when you reach the intersection of Calle 6ta Oeste, turn left and enter that street until the end, continue straight on 6th Street West, at a point that street goes through the Airport track (the only Volcan airport) when crossing the track keep straight and you will reach the Volcan Lagoons.

If you are on foot, you can take a taxi in Volcan downtown and tell the cap to take you to the the Airport, and from there you can cross the track walking and continue the walk straight to the lagoons. The walk is around 45 minutes at a slow pace observing the landscape. It is only one road.