The Lookout of the Baru Volcano Entrance

By Pedro Peter
The Lookout of the Baru Volcano Entrance

Although you are not going to climb the Baru Volcano, its lookout in Paso Ancho is a place to visit.

As a gateway to an idyllic adventure you can see the Control Post of the Ministry of the Environment a few steps from the start of the trek to the Baru Volcano.

The Control Post has a small public viewpoint where you can arrive by car and observe the Volcano from its best Point, as well as the mountains that surround it and the Paso Ancho plains. You can go a little further on foot to where the wooded part begins, however you must be very careful not to get too far without an experienced guide.

To get to this lookout, you must reach the community of Paso Ancho, then take the road towards Cerro Punta until you intercept the street "Volcan Baru National Park“ (on the right). If you see that you have arrived at Hotel Bambito it means that you have passed the entrance (you must return). Being on the road that leads to the Park you only have to stay in that direction to get to the Lookout place.

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