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The Hot Springs Water of Chiriqui Volcan in Silla Pando

By Victoria
The Hot Springs Water of Chiriqui Volcan in Silla Pando

Hot springs from the Baru Volcano rich in healthy minerals for your body

In the highlands of Chiriqui not only do we find cool weather and pleasant landscapes, but within the points of interest we can visit the hot spring water, which are wells located in a beautiful forest where you will enjoy from the walk to the submerged within these warm waters rich in minerals.

The water from the hot spring of Tierras Altas are quite warm, exceeding 45 ° C. In total there are three wells each distanced from the others.

It is said that the high temperature of these hot spring water are the product of the veins of the same Baru volcano that is located in a few kilometers.

Something interesting that you will find in these hot spring water of volcano is that its water is quite hot and next to it you will find a river of crystal clear waters where the water is very cold, it is curious to see in extreme waters so hot and a few steps away a river of waters so cold. Around the wells you will find water streams, trails and a very beautiful view of the mountains, the forest, as well as small waterfalls.

These hot spring water are attributed a mystique related to health. It is said that its waters can cure many diseases, although it is not advisable to stay inside the hot springs for a long time as they are highly enriched in minerals and can affect your health if you stay too long in them.


The hot spring water are located specifically in Silla Pando, in the corregimiento of Nueva California, district of Tierras Altas, province of Chiriqui

How to get?

First you must arrive at the volcano town in the highlands, from there you take the road that goes towards Rio Sereno, this road is paved and in good condition, it’s about 15 minutes driving on this road, when you see a sign that says "LAS TIERRAS ALTAS" You will know that you are coming to the deviation to take the stone road, which finally leads to the hot spring water. The stones path is about 25 minutes driving, on this stone road you must go by 4x4, at a point on the road you will see the signs that tell you that you are reaching the thermal wells, when you see these signs you only have to enter a little to find the first well.